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The internet has revolutionized our lives. This is self-evident in a great number of fields, but is perhaps most apparent in the way we communicate with each other and the way in which we consume media. In recent years in particular, the number of different ways in which we can purchase, download, upload and interact with music, movies and games, as well as a whole host of other digital media, has vastly increased. In addition to simply changing the ways in which we can consume such media, the internet is also altering the way we communicate about it – with various music download services and movie download services in particular, using the now ever-present social media to automatically update our friends about the things we’re downloading. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already fairly clued up about the various ways you can download movies, games and music (as well as a range of other things), but if not, this article – combined with others on this site and reviews at our sister site No.1 Reviews – will help you find your way through the ever-changing field of digital media.

Downloading movies is a relatively recent phenomenon that has largely sprung up out of the development of other digital downloads, such as music download services. A number of services have begun to dominate this market, both in the UK and the US, with LoveFilm and Netflix standing out as being key players in both markets. Other movie download services services, such as Amazon Video-on-Demand and iTunes Movies, operate out of larger, more general brands that offer a number of different digital media from the same platform. The key difference with movie downloads, that doesn’t really apply to other digital download sectors, is that these services operate either a download-and-buy or a download-and-rent service, both of which come with associated advantages and drawbacks.

DVD Rental Services often offer great value for money, as users simply download the movie and have access to it for a limited period of time – perfect if you don’t have the hard drive space to hold on to loads of movies at once and ideal if you aren’t a fan of watching movies over and over again. For classic movies however, or those where a second viewing is a must, users may wish to opt for a download-and-buy service, where once downloaded, users can access their movies at any time without the need to re-download or re-purchase.

Music download services are a real mainstay of the digital media phenomenon; with some of the largest revenues ever seen arising out of music download services. Industry giants include iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, and eMusic, although the sheer number of smaller, niche or independent services out there makes it impossible to list them all. Out of all of these, iTunes has to be the most popular of late, with users downloading literally billions of tracks per month – no doubt testimony to how easy the service is to use, as well as the vast variety of music that can be found there. While the vast majority of services offer standard download options, a number of other services, including Spotify and LastFm give users the chance to have their favourite songs streamed straight to their computers or other devices, as many times as they like, for a limited monthly fee. This removes the need to actually store any songs on a hard drive, mobile phone or other music player, whilst simultaneously opening up access to one of the largest collections of music available anywhere online. Great stuff!

Finally, there’s gaming downloads – perfect for those who are looking for cheaper, time efficient ways of getting hold of the newest releases in the video game world. Many of the largest games publishers offer direct downloads of their newest releases straight from their respective websites, whilst other games can often be downloaded through specialist download services or peer-to-peer networks. Some sites cater to specific consoles, such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo Wii, while others offer more general services catering to all tastes and specifications. As with all peer-to-peer services, some caution should be exercised when considering which service to use, as some of these services (such as Limewire and Kazaa for example) have been subject to legal challenges and a variety of other issues in recent years. Check out our listings for a full lowdown on the best game download sites to choose for your console.

Regardless of what you’re looking for online, chances are you’ll be able to find a service that fits your needs and budget without too much effort. If you’re struggling to choose a service that seems to fit your needs amongst a large pool of potential contenders, pop over to to check out the reviews posted there – hopefully they’ll prove helpful in choosing the best Music Download SItes, Movie Download Sites and Games Download services presently on the market.

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