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At one point, the only way to watch new release movies was either to catch them at the cinema or to rent them from a high-street movie rental store. On the back of the huge development of digital downloads however, Movie Download Services and websites have taken off, giving users the opportunity to enjoy high quality, up-to-date movies without having to leave the comfort of their own homes! The companies offering these services fall into two broad categories – firstly, sites that offer users basic download services (whereby, once a movie is downloaded, the customer is free to keep it on their hard drive and watch it as many times as they like) and digital-rental services (which, as their name suggests, offer users “download & rent” services with specific durations).

One of the most popular ways to get hold of great quality movies, with minimal fuss and effort, is to use one of the many movie download services that are widely available on the market at the moment. Some of the more popular US Movie Download Sites include Netflix, CinemaNow and EZTakes, whilst LoveFilm (easily one of the most-used services we have reviewed here) takes the crown in the UK Movie Download category. A number of large services operate in both the UK and USA, including Amazon Video on Demand and the ultimate digital-content store, iTunes. The great thing about online movie download services is, as well as the sheer variety, choice and quality that is available at such services, customers also have the benefit of ultimate portability - as customers can log on to access their accounts from any computer, anywhere in the world.

A major alternative to regular movie download services are those services that offer movie rentals, either through digital downloads or by receiving rented DVD’s through the post. These services are great (often) lower-cost alternatives to download services and also negate any requirement to hold on to countless movies on your computer hard drive. The flexibility and ease of use of all of these services is fantastic – customers simply make their selection and add it to a list of preferred movies, provide a valid delivery address and await their delivery (often at random). A variety of packages are available, meaning customers can have any number of movies at home at any one time and as most services don’t operate a system of late fees or specific return dates, users can hold on to movies for as long as they need without any worries.

There are a number of advantages of using such services, not least that customers get access to a tremendous number of movies from a wide variety of genres. We love the fact that all of these services make movies more accessible and, because of how user-friendly they are, spontaneous. Customers who come across a movie they would like to see can quickly add it to their list of “must see” films, or begin downloading it with only a few clicks, making this perfect for film buffs and casual viewers alike. Regardless how much (or how little) you have to spend on these services, there’s definitely something right for you – check out the reviews of all of these products on No1Reviews.com for more information about the various services on offer.






Movie Download Site Reviews