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When it smashed onto the gaming market in 2004, the Sony PSP revolutionized the way we interacted with handheld games – introducing a gold standard that clearly appealed to gamers the world over. Now in it’s seventh generation edition, the PSP keeps getting thinner, lighter, faster and generally better, with its closest handheld cousin, the Gameboy (an extremely popular device in its day), a distant memory to say the least. One of the clear reasons that the PSP has proved so popular with users (selling more than 75 million units worldwide to date) is that it is packed with a multitude of features over and above gaming – giving users the chance to watch movies on the go, listen to music, surf the web and even use VOIP services alongside their regular gaming activities.

Although the Sony Entertainment Network provides PSP users with the opportunity to download great games, movies and music for their consoles, there are also a number of additional PSP services that offer better choice (and ultimately, greater value, too). Ranking high in this category include such sites like All PSP Games, PSP Blender and PSP Download World. Many of these services not only offer download services, offering literally millions of games, movies, music files and more, but also a range of additional features that make them popular with PSP users the world over. The best services offer customers complete customer service support, money-back guarantees on all products (giving you peace of mind in the event you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with what you purchase) and quick-start guides that give users all the information they need to start downloading quickly and easily.

Some of these services are peer-to-peer in nature, which means that, although users often still pay for the products they download, they don’t always come with the same legitimacy that is accorded with using a regular game and movie download site. While strictly speaking P2P services remain legal in principle, the overall reliability and popularity of these services has seen a significant reduction in recent years – with many users opting for more traditional (and institutional) sources of downloading their games and movies. As such, other online locations, such as Amazon or Play.com (for purchasing PSP games and movies) and more established services such as PSP Download Center are also popular places from which to download the newest games or movie releases.

Whilst the PSP is set to be replaced by the PSVita, the next-gen handheld device from Sony (on which PSP games still run, by the way), we’re sure the PSP will continue to be popular for years to come, given it’s huge fan base and the overall quality of viewing and gameplay. Although there’s still a great number of online (and offline) retailers where PSP games and movies can be purchased cheaply, the flexibility and ease of downloading content for the PSP means that these services are ultimately the most popular way of getting hold of the latest games and movies for the PSP.







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PSP Download Site Reviews