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Online TV Streaming, also known as “Catchup TV” is a broad term that encompasses a number of different services that deliver TV content straight to users’ computers or other devices. Although there is a wide range of different providers, differing in size and coverage, Online TV Streaming has become particularly popular in recent years due to the growth in various national service such as 4OD and iPlayer in the UK, Hulu in the United States and RTE Player in Ireland (to name but a few). While some services offer streaming of old content (that is, archive material from past broadcast), many services, including iPlayer, CatchupTV and others, offer live-streaming of shows being broadcast right there and then. With so much content available for direct streaming, there’s no excuse for missing your favorite shows ever again!

There are so many advantages to streaming TV content directly to your PC, it’s difficult to know where to begin! Firstly, there’s the issue of cost. Streaming TV Box Sets from one of the many Online Movie Download services (that also offer TV Downloads) can be extremely cost efficient when compared with buying them from an online service, with box sets on iTunes ranging from around $30 to $100 a time, depending on size and popularity. While DVD Rental Services also offer users the chance to view their favourite shows at a reduced cost, they still cost more than TV Streaming services – something that every user should bear in mind when deciding which service to choose. Opting to stream programs directly to your computer means you’re free to spend this money elsewhere – a real upside when you consider how much you’re likely to save every year! TV Streaming is also incredibly convenient, with users being able to simply pick the show they would like to see and start watching in a matter of minutes – no unnecessary downloads and no waiting for purchases to be delivered. Finally, with no downloads, there’s also no need to worry about the amount of space TV shows take up on your hard drive – great news!

Probably one of the only major disadvantages of Online TV Streaming is that users will use up a great deal of their download allowance or bandwidth in consuming such services. Whilst this is unlikely to be of particular concern where users have an unlimited download allowance within their broadband package, many users may find excessive use of such services to be extremely costly in the long run. In addition, users that have issues with variable download speed or perhaps don’t have a broadband connection at all will find it difficult to stream TV for any length of time, if at all.

In short, TV Streaming is a great money saver that is also perfect if you’re short on time. As the services themselves are, ultimately, completely flexible, it’s down to you to decide how often you use them and when you tune in. One of the most interesting and exciting elements of such services is that it gives viewers the chance to decide what they watch and when they watch it – no need to be governed by TV schedules anymore! If you’re not sure which services are best (and work in your area), check out our listings on this website for more information about the most popular services currently on offer.





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